Estimated population: 170,000
Capital: City of Aktra
Aktra serves as the the seat of the Alliance and a home of the Adepts guild. Its one and only city bears the same name and is the first
city build after the dark age. It was built on the remains of an ancient city, which gives it its unique appearance. The city of Aktra is the
only safe port north of Dasar islands, which is the main reason for its wealth and prosperity.
Most of the people living in the city are descendants of families coming from the north who, over the centuries, left the harsh life of
constant warfare in the martial nation of Varyagat. The dark-haired, fair-skinned Aktranians are proud people, especially the younger
generations that don't bear the scars of their homeland. The rest of the population are a mix of all the nations in the Alliance and
neighboring countries. Many a man have come here in search of the riches and power the city has to offer.
Vedik Empire
Estimated population: 800,000
Capital: Vek
Population of Vek: 350,000
Vedik Empire is the largest and most populated country of the northern kingdoms. The empire is run by the Senate, which answers
to the Emperor . They possess the largest and most organised army on the continent, a fact they don't neglect to show off.
The Empire is also the biggest producer and exporter of agricultural produce. Its entire economy and culture is based on slave labor.
They have the highest ratio of slaves to free men than any other known nation. But if you are a free person, then there is something to
see in the Vedik Empire. They are a nation of great builders, scholars, philosophers and artists.
An average citizen of the Vedik Empire is of a darker skin and a shorter stature and thinks of himself superior to everyone else. After
the their shameful submission to the Adepts Guild and the Alliance, the Empire constantly strives to reassert that.
Estimated population: 70,000-200,000
Capital: Rak Tar
Population of Rak Tar: 25,000
Varyagat people live and die for war. A martial nation that believes there are only two professions worthy of honor; a warrior or a
blacksmith. Hundreds of clans, that are Varyagat people, are constantly at war with each other. They raid, battle, make alliances,
brake alliances, loot and pillage on daily basis. Man wage war as women work, though even a woman can be a warrior or a hunter.
The Varyagats would die off centuries ago, if not for their high fertility rate and second favorite past time being rape. Their reputation
as the most barbaric nation this side of the ocean doesn't seem to be in any risk.
Despite the cold and constant warfare, people still travel to their desolate island filled with natural treasures. Large deposits of iron,
copper and precious stones. And since Komi is the only volcano in the region, the Varyagat possess the only known natural source
of sulfur around. These natural riches have brought people here for centuries, even though many have lost there lives in their
endeavors. Over time, the conditions have improved for outsiders coming to Varyagat, but not by much.
Long time ago Vedik empire sent subjugation force to the island of Komi, with intent of capturing their mines and creating a new
protectorate. But the only time the clans of Varyagat step together, is when they way of life threatened by an outside force. The Empire
lost the war after five years of brutal battle, returning home with only a tenth of the force with which they set off. Even the Adepts stay
out of the Varyagats business, given the fact they have blood-thirsty mages of their own.