You know that numbing feeling you sometimes get in the tips of your fingers? The one you get when you punch something solid? Like a desk, or a monitor? Because you find out you deleted an entire lightning layer, and you don’t even notice? Because you’re all zoomed in like a freakin goof, filling in details that people probably won’t even be able to notice, once you shrink the page down to it’s final size? And you say to yourself: “No biggie let’s ctrl+alt+z back to happiness”, right? Wrong. You remember you threw out half of your RAM because it somehow got corrupted a few months ago. So you computer is now a cripple and you don’t have a million history states anymore. You have 20. So you say: “Alright, time to shut this shit down and open a previous save.” And you do… but nothing changes… Because your instinctive muscle memory is to spam ctrl+s and quick save after every single freaking line you draw. That is, so that in the unusual event of photoshop miraculously shutting itself down… you wouldn’t lose a thing… As the irony sinks in, you punch your desk with your head, because deep down you know… this is not even the last time this will happen to you.
Do you know the feeling?

‘Twas fun though. Haven’t enjoyed making a page like this in a while.