Mind Rolls Cubes is small art studio producing high fantasy graphic novel Over Aeon and other commission artwork.


Over Aeon is free, online, high fantasy graphic novel.

Civilization has recovered under the guidance of the Alliance and is slowly emerging from the dark ages which followed planet wide catastrophe that brought human race to the brink of extinction centuries ago.  Story follows four main protagonist in this world of high hopes and promises which in reality, is far from perfect.

The relations inside of the Alliance are strained and a century of forced peace is making rulers of nations desire wealth and land of their neighbors. Meanwhile the Adepts Guild, responsible for leading the Alliance and enforcing the peace, has its own share of problems. The Guild,  once a solid unit of purpose and guidance, is now riddled with scheming and plotting of the noble houses and is starting to fragment into rival factions. And while the rattling of a warlord’s weapons brings unrest to the lands, few things are as dangerous as the bickering of people wielding magic.

Unbeknownst to most, they will soon have greater problems, as there are signs of impending return of the forgotten people coming to seek justice and bring new age to humanity.



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